Thursday, 25 April 2013

Starting the sub soil base

I had fun today cutting little wedges out of a length of angle iron. This is just the beginning of a sizable structure made of steel which will lie underground in order to hold the sculpture upright. I then welded the sides of the wedges together again once I had bent the steel to close the gap in the wedge. The shape of the steel has a curve in order to lie underneath the stainless rods. I then drilled holes to allow the stainless rods to poke through. At the close of play I was trying to file away the edges of some of my drill holes that were not quite in the right place: most annoying, and I fear I shall be filing for several hours tomorrow. Meanwhile Jordan has been constructing the barn windows. The oak lengths needs planing and jointing together in order to receive the double glazed units. I somehow managed to order too few pieces of oak and we will have to wait whilst the timber yard cuts me some more.


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