Thursday 29 January 2015

New ring

In have turned my attention from huge sculptures for the landscape at Heligan to smaller more intimate works. I have to try to shed the disappointment of them deciding against the exhibition and work on, in a positive frame of mind. This new series will enable me to try out some ideas for carvings which might well work nicely on a larger scale at a later date. Everything fell out of the sky today. Hail and snow followed by fierce winds that made me look nervously behind me to the straw bale building as if I might see bales fly past in the gale. I made good progress with the ring and begin to think about different ways that they could configure. I like the form, it seems like a good canvas to work on.


Tuesday 27 January 2015

Core removal

I am getting clogged up with marble here. I have spent the last few days drilling out the centre of this five ton block. I want to eventually make a ring form from it and will come back to it soon. In the meantime however I must get this block moved so that I can make way for a huge shipment that is due any day. As you can see, this block weighed 4.46 tons before the core was removed; too much for my machine! The marble is arriving from Portugal and will be unloaded with a Hiab on a lorry. There are a couple of blocks that will be immovable once they are put down and as such I am keen that they should be put in the right place.

The exhibition at Heligan is on hold, and I must now turn my attention to smaller works instead of these large sculptures for the landscape.