Wednesday 11 November 2015

Positive and negative shapes

Here is a new line of thought. The shape of the hollow relates to the outer form. I am planning a hole to pierce the hollow from above. I have been enjoying the stage like quality of the interior space. Perhaps because it is a hollow with no connection to the outside world it pulls you into a world apart; like a stage. I wonder if the hole above might drop down light and further encourage this feeling of looking into a little private world.


Sunday 8 November 2015

Block arrives

This is how we unload blocks over 3 tons from a flatbed lorry. Probably not in the health and safety handbook but it gets the job done. My brilliant neighbours Nigel and Rich Colwill help with this tricky task. Thank you both. In this shot the lorry has gone and we are positioning the trailer before lowering the block down. This marble comes from Carrara in Italy. I bought it a year ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to bring it home.The block is now sitting in my yard waiting for inspiration.


Thursday 5 November 2015

Ring complete

I have painted this ring three times to get it to this stage. I do this in order to ensure that the whole surface has been worked over at each grade of finishing. First the tarmac like 40 grit which is very aggressive and then more paint before working over the whole surface once more with a 60 grit. Finally the process is repeated with the 120. Small specks of paint remain here and there which will need a few hours to tidy up. This ring is made from the central section of a giant ring. The small block in the background is the centre of this one. I shall use that next. Tomorrow I receive a block from Italy which has been sitting in a yard out there for a year waiting to be brought home.