Monday, 22 April 2013

Hampered by the mizzle

I have spent the day preparing the rods for gluing into place. The rods have been cut and welded into their correct angles and are now ready to be attached. This must be prepared carefully as a rod glued into the wrong place would be disastrous as it could not be removed. As can be seen in the picture, some of the rods are ‘bent’ outside the marble and some inside. This is me cheating a little by trying to get the outer rods higher than they otherwise would be. The inner rods are conversely a little lower. The curve described by the rods will as a result be a little exaggerated making the whole sculpture more stable.Hampering proceedings however was the mizzle that swept in all day making everything wet. I put my spotlight near the holes but still had trouble getting them dry. Perhaps tomorrow will be dryer.  Jordan meanwhile has been cutting channels in oak for the window frames of the new barn. He has not done much woodwork before but green oak is a good place to start as it is soft and like cutting hard cheddar. The smell is even better than cheddar.


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