Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Drilling holes

Today I started drilling holes in the large dish carving. There are to be ten of them that will hold the sculpture in its eventual upright position. I am trying to drill the holes in which the stainless steel rods will fit, only a few millimetre's larger than the rods themselves in order to preserve the structural integrity of the marble. I worry a little about the rods at either end as the marble is much thinner there and as a result much more vulnerable to breaking. When you consider however that the sculpture will be supported by ten rods all working in unison, my fears diminish. With such small difference between the rod width and the hole width however, I have to be very careful to drill in exactly the right direction.

Rain fell today after several weeks of dry easterly winds. The farmers are beginning to let out the cows who are dirty and look happy to be out of their winter sheds but will nibble around for anything to eat as the grass has not started to grow yet.


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