Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fixing stainless rods

Good progress today on the large marble sculpture. All the rods are glued into place. The resin glue is very stiff as I bought industrial quantities of it and it has gently stiffened over time. The glue is poked down the hole with a piece of wood and the stainless rod inserted. The trouble is that the air inside has to leave and force its way past the rod through the very viscose glue. Each rod needed to protrude 167mm so as to be level with each other. After much pushing out of reluctant bubbles, Jordan and I got them all more or less in line. There might be one that protrudes a couple of millimetres too far which will need cutting back with a grinder. Todays picture is of the green onyx sculpture which is undergoing the same procedure. Rather more awkward than the marble as there are no straight lines at all and the sculpture will be taller at one end than the other. As a result there will be more rod exposed at one end than the other. The bits of wood seen are to help me guess at getting the rods glued in the right place. I am a bit nervous as there is no way back. The rods once in, cannot be removed.


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