Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Getting ready for delivery

I spent part of today tidying a torso ready for delivery to a client near Cambridge. This is the largest torso I have ever attempted. Those who know my work well will know that it is a subject of endless fascination for me. I have carved torsos throughout my career and will often start with a torso after a spell of not working. I see it like a three dimensional jigsaw. The volumes must all work in relation to each other. This is difficult; very difficult and I have never felt like I have got even close to doing it well. Perhaps this is why I return to it again and again. The Greek carvers of old were the masters of course, they constructed their jigsaws with extraordinary balance. I shall keep trying. The torsos do not really represent the main body of my work but I enjoy them none the less.

Jordan meanwhile made great progress on concreting the barn floor. The blue tarp is protecting the wet cement from the rain which never quite arrived.


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