Monday, 11 February 2013

Shape forming

Jordan has gone on holiday for three weeks, lucky man. I can now give all my attention to sculpture whilst he is away. I realised today how much time is taken up managing him and making sure that he knows what he is doing. Do not take this as any kind of grumble however; he is keen,and never afraid to ask for help when he is stuck. A great quality in my opinion.

The outside of the bell form is coming on well and I spent some time evening out the sides to try and get it even and without a lump on one side. I am still putting off the decision about the edge. A flat ribbon edge? A sharp edge? Rounded? A crucial decision as I have said before but one I must make soon. I think my marble from Italy will be arriving in the next few days. I shall need to clear lots of room in order to unload it. I will not want to try and move the two six ton blocks once they have been put down.


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