Friday, 15 February 2013

Marble unload; problems

Yesterday turned into a nightmare as the marble arrived from Italy but in the wrong kind of lorry. This may sound like a minor problem but the marble had been selected to be the maximum weight my neighbour an I can pick up with our two telehandlers working in unison. We have one machine on each side of the lorry and lift the marble up a few inches so that the lorry can pull away. We then reverse an agricultural trailer and put the marble back down. This works well and moderately safely although I suspect this would never be called ‘best practice’.

Imagine my horror to discover that the haulier had loaded the marble onto a lorry with curtain sides and no removable tail gate. The marble in other words would have to be unloaded from the sides. luckily the quarry next door helped and managed to half lift the marble on one side and shovel it into a giant toothed bucket. I hope nothing has broken as the whole procedure was traumatic for the marble and broke lots of edges. I will not be sure of the condition of it until I have it safely in place in my yard. At the moment the blocks are with Nigel my neighbour and we shall bring them down when they have a moment.


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