Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chop chop

This is pretty much a repeat of an earlier sculpture but on a larger scale. I bet it ends up looking quite different somehow. I already have the feeling that this is a little more bunched up than the other one. I love this piece however and feel the idea merits another try. Carving it is following a path I know and should be straight forward. Several days of chopping to remove the bulk of the material as most of this carving is space and must be removed first before the more delicate work can begin. I must be careful not to break this one and remember to do everything in the right order and not to get sloppy!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I have been gently working away at this piece this week. Although it looks near completion I have been fine tuning a couple of aspects. Firstly the shape was not quite to my liking. The ring was not round but squashed on one side. As I sit here trying to describe the shape I think of those round crisp snacks that we used to jam on our fingers as children. I forget their name. After some time of cogitation I decided to thin one area rather than to keep the uniformity of thickness. I think it was the right move. There is no going back at least. Secondly, I have settled the sculpture down onto its base. There was a gap and it is getting smaller by degrees. I want the view from the side to be quite dark. A white strip of supporting marble is visible at the moment and must be hidden by lowering the sculpture some more.