Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy with the top shape

I have spent days fiddling with the top shape. Indecision always takes ages. I thought I had the shape a couple of days ago and then polished the whole thing only to decide that the shape was not quite right after all. I then re worked the shape again and I think it is now ok. Tomorrow morning I will look again to see if it still looks good. There is of course the temptation to just say ‘’ Oh to hell with it , that’s fine!’’ I know from having done that in the past that I will feel bad about it for ever more however if laziness lets me do something like that. You can see in the attached picture that there is still a flatness to the top of the sculpture. Perhaps this only matters to me and no one would ever notice. Working alone, being driven by these strange notions strikes me as crazy sometimes. Don’t answer that, I know it is madness!


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