Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Depth Gage

I must now proceed with caution and not let my mind wander onto what is for supper or to get distracted by some conversation on the radio. I have done it before. I cut right through a sculpture by not being cautious. Having said all this however i am not trying to get down to a thin depth. I do not dare go much thinner than about ten centimetres with this crumbly fault ridden ‘bird of paradise’. I now make regular measurements with my homemade wooden callipers. In the photograph you can see the number 13 showing me that at that point I can still remove a further three centimetres. On the large thin sheets of marble that I was working on last summer there was a moment when the surface was covered with a multitude of numbers. This should be easy by comparison. Not cutting a hole in the sculpture is of course only a little technical distraction.Much more important is to make it the best shape possible. This remains fluid in my mind. Uncertain.I shall let the problem wait and hope that things become clear as we progress.


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  1. Looking good Wim cant wait to see it polished.