Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bases bases

I have almost got to the end of this job. Sinking the sleeve into the marble and the drilling of all the holes takes longer than I had thought. I photographed a detail tonight for you to see the gluing of the sleeve. The messy glue seen here will be cleaned off once it has cured. The sleeve of stainless that sinks into the marble ensures that no damage comes to the marble when the sculpture is slid onto the stainless pin. Without the sleeve the likelihood of the sculpture cracking is considerably increased. I am excited by the sighting of a barn owl in the barn. We have a nesting box installed but to date it has attracted every life form but barn owls. There were kestrels one year and otherwise less exotic jackdaws and pigeons. A swarm of bees took up residence too one year. Could this be the year of the barn owl at last?IMG_0647

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  1. I love your blog - and have been enjoying the talk of bases - very helpful to me. I'm learning - though have worked sculpture to be bottom heavy to avoid the hole drilling and the question of plinths. I too have a Barn Owl nest box at my workshop, and seem to have a similar story - wasps and pigeons in mine! I'll keep fingers crossed for owls