Monday, 20 January 2014

Bases and gluing pins

It has turned dryer and colder which is right and proper in January. I had a most frustrating day spending two hours looking for a misplaced core drill bit. Of course It might be a cunning band of international drill bit thieves, but I have to accept that it is more likely that I have put it down somewhere daft. In the end I went to town and bought another one certain in the knowledge that the mislaid one will surface to mock me on my return home. I am making progress on mounting the carvings and it is lovely to see them standing on their dark Kilkenny limestone bases. Bases are the subject of much consternation, wailing and gnashing of teeth to many sculptors. Let me try to explain why. They are necessary as a small sculpture would get tripped over on the ground, and yet they can easily look ostentatious. They can outshine the sculpture. The expression ‘to put someone on a pedestal’ is never far from mind. It seems to ostentatiously elevate a sculpture. How easy and straightforward it was when I first presented a sculpture large enough not to need a base.


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