Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Art Room fundraiser

A short deviation from carving stone. I have been asked to create something for a charity auction for a great cause. The project appealed too. They provided an aluminium and wood chair to make something from. Each participating artist has been given a chair to ‘work on’. I spent ages getting angry with the aluminium legs. I tried chopping them and bending them but broke everything and wore out dozens of cutting discs. I tried welding it but failed to make any thing but a mess. I have now given up on the legs and am using only the wooden components. I am much more at home with wood so give myself at least half a chance of making something interesting. There is not much wood so I am cutting everything very thin. All the resulting objects are to be hung in Selfridges atrium in London which should be quite a sight.IMG_0426

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