Sunday, 30 March 2014

Corners gone

The new drill arrived and allowed me to finish the drilling of the centre circle and also to remove the corners I referred to before. Joining up the holes in the centre ring was not a very pretty job and I suspect not too good for the expensive drill bit either. By pushing the drill from one hole into the wall connecting it to the hole beside it, I made slow progress. After a couple of hours however I was able to poke a rope through the holes and begin applying some lifting force with the telehandler. Only at the moment I cut away the very last piece of marble holding the central plug in place did it lurch upwards. I could then lift the plug away and get a look at the hole for the first time. I think it looks good. The blocks of wood you see in the centre are there to prevent the plug from falling downwards. Had I allowed it to fall it may have wedged itself awkwardly and even broken the outer ring. As it turned out the plug never fell; it’s first movement was a jerk upwards.IMG_0980 - Copy

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