Monday, 10 June 2013

A New Beginning

I am back from London; discombobulated. It often happens I find. I come home with my world rocked by the experiences I had whilst away. I saw two giant rocks at the Serpentine, one placed on top of the other. Nothing at all had been done to the rocks apart from select them and place them. They were very simple and powerful. The exhibition at the crypt in St Pancreas is wonderful . There are 19 sculptors involved and the standard is really good. Returning home however l find myself full of doubt. Creative doubt. I need to be calm for a few days and to start afresh.

Although I had an hour of the jitters this morning I (rather miraculously and not quite believing it) feel I have made a good start on a new work. I need to urgently get a quick turnover of ideas going for the exhibition at John Martin gallery in September. This sense of urgency and of time running out only serves to fuel the self doubt. I have started small, which seems sensible, and on a very simple form.  One single segment joint with a twist. Already various other versions are springing to mind. I might have had a creative wobble that lasted only an hour. I can live with that. The past, my past, tells me that making sculpture is the best way through a crisis.


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