Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Steel base construction

I have been cleaning up the bases ready for painting today. The furthest one from view in the photograph needed completely grinding back to bare metal as it had been left to rust. The sculpture that it belongs to is just sold and the client has asked that the base be painted rather than remain in its previous rusted state. The rusted steel bases look great outside but they do have the problem of the rust splashing up against the marble and staining it. I might try and stabilise the rust to avoid this problem sometime as I do like the colour of rusted steel in the landscape. On this third steel base you can see the cruciform shape of the stainless steel structure that sticks into the bottom of the sculpture to keep it upright and prevent it falling over. This cruciform can be adjusted with four threaded rods that are welded to the underside of the steel box. We now have three steel bases ready for painting tomorrow.


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