Friday, 15 March 2013

What is it ?

Someone asked today. The sculpture is so simple, just a rectangular dish that will stand on its edge in the landscape. I am always a bit stumped by this question which has of course been asked many times in the past. The sculpture is not ‘of’ anything, it is merely trying to provoke certain thoughts or feelings in the viewer. I do of course have doubts myself. This sculpture is really big and yet really simple, perhaps there is just not enough there and the viewer will feel cheated in some way. I have so often found however that the ideas that work best are very simple. Simple forms seem lovely to live with to me. Our lives would seem to be overstimulated. We are constantly bombarded with information. It must be partly for this reason therefore that I like the sculpture to be very still and calm. The sun will create moon shaped shadows as it moves past the sculpture. The mottled surface will change gently in the changing light. Might it bring to mind a screen? A startling rectangle in the landscape. Yes, I think it might work really well. We shall see.


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