Sunday, 17 February 2013

Marble safe and sound

Two large blocks are safely installed at the workshop. the damage done at the quarry seems to be superficial luckily. I have constructed two pairs of railway sleeper stands to raise the blocks up to a good working height. I think I have a plan for the thicker of the two blocks. Very simple indeed but I think one that might work well. The rectangular block will stand on its edge and billow the full thickness of the marble. A smooth dish with square corners. Without drawing it out it is hard to explain more fully. I am excited at the prospect of it though. I cannot quite decide if the sides of the marble should pull inwards resembling the shape that would be described if a handkerchief were billowing in the wind held by its corners. To keep the edges straight would lessen the resemblance to something billowing. This would be less lifelike perhaps.. I shall meditate on this through the many hours of cutting before I must decide on this.IMG_7375

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