Monday, 7 January 2013

Pulling down the barn

Jordan came today to start work on the demolition of the old pole barn next to where I work. Jordan is 19, full of energy and enthusiasm and great to have around. The old barn is, or rather was, very decrepit with an alarming lean to the south. It has looked as if the first gale would bring it down for at least ten years. The old barn survived all that the weather could throw at it; out of habit perhaps. Today however we gave it a pull with the Matbro and she sank to her knees. Jordan will be back tomorrow to dismantle it and clear the site ready for its replacement. I had a short day on the sculpture as a good deal of time was spent getting Jordan going. The sculpture looks good, particularly from the front. It would be good to feel that it works well all around but it is not the case.


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