Monday, 6 May 2013

Sub base

The welding gear arrived and enabled me to finish the steel structure to go underground. The attached photo of it is of it upside down. The cross form that can be seen will lie ( the other way up) in the bottom of a carefully dug trench. I then spent the rest of the day welding up the steel bases for two other pieces that are to go to On Form London in a few weeks. The sheets of steel are already cut to size, so it is a matter of ‘tacking’ the box together on the inside before welding the long seams together on the outside. The excess weld has to then be ground off on the outside to make a fairly clean joint. I will then fill any remaining pits with filler before the final rub down and spray painting. Jordan had the day off today as it is a bank holiday, I expect he was in the sea surfing as it has been a beautiful blue skied day.


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