Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Making bases

The steel has arrived. The welder ran out of gas just when it needed to do its stuff and I have been left getting everything ready for when the gas arrives. The sub frame ( that is what I call the steel frame that is to be buried under the dish shaped sculpture) is tacked together but all needs to be welded up properly and then taken to be galvanised. The bases for the other sculptures are to be made of steel and also have lots of welding to do. Jordan meanwhile has been putting a screed down on the new barn floor. It has taken him two days but looks wonderful.

I spoke with John Martin (gallery in London) and we have arranged an exhibition for the Autumn. I realise that the barn build may have to be put on hold as I shall not want to be distracted from the sculpture. I am sure that I can find work for Jordan helping with the sculpture. He is young and unconfident but not afraid to ask when he gets stuck. It is nice to have a bit of company. The suspended sculpture in the photo is like that so that I can lower it onto it’s base. There is a hole underneath to receive a stainless rod which will protrude from the base.


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