Monday, 24 February 2014

Block in Italy

Here is the block I have chosen. The one in the middle of the three. It has a crack running horizontally through the middle which makes it of limited interest to the marble yards. They slice everything into thin slivers for buildings, and a block that is tall and thin is almost impossible to slice as it is too difficult to stand upright on the sawing block. A block with a crack like this can be bought more reasonably than a sound one. Before leaving the yard it will be sawn into three pieces. One cut hopefully close to the crack. I left the block with crayon marks on it and with luck the fellow operating the saw will take note. Not being there is always dangerous and you never quite know what will turn up on the lorry in a couple of weeks time. Fingers crossed. The writing on the block indicates it’s weight. 11.62 tons. Sometimes we see blocks as big as 45 tons!


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